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Elevated Essentials takes pride in working with the highest quality brands. We have hand selected each brand to make sure we provide our customers with not only the best products, but also the best brands that represent who we are to the core as a company. We strive to offer our customers the most innovative products that truly work. Here is a list of the current brands that we offer:


Beautiful Sol

Beautiful Sol takes sunscreen to a level it has never been before. Enhanced with all natural an SPF 45, daily moisturizer that blocks UV rays and decreases inflammation while cooling the skin all at once. Great for everyday, sports, or a day at the beach. This formulation is light and actually goes deep into the layers of your skin to provide an elevated SPF experience.


Organically sourced, clean vegan ingredients with 3 mouth watering flavors. Plant powered and packed with protein. Shredibles change the game when it comes to protein bars.



Prana means healing energy, and that is exactly what this product provides. An effective, nano molecular enhanced pain cream founded by former athletes who dealt with pain and injury post playing career. Prana cream creates an instant cooling effect followed by sustainable pain relief by reducing inflammation and working through the skin to get into the joint and muscle.


Optivibe has created a beverage enhancer with a special blend of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts designed to help you reach the optimum vibration for whatever situation is at hand. Currently we offer three options. One for sleep, one for focus and one for energy. 

Shroomies are nootropic mushroom extract products in both gummy and capsule form. Each product is infused with 3 types of performance enhancing mushroom extracts. These extracts are known to improve brain function, increase energy, boost lung capacity and support the immune system.